Aug 5, 2017

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Why Paytm might be planning a WhatsApp Takeover

According to a recent report by WSJ, it is being speculated that Paytm might be strategizing a plan to take over WhatsApp, by launching its own messaging app. This service can have considerable consequences in the country. WhatsApp, as we all know, is the world’s most used and downloaded messaging app. And according to multiple reports in the past, it was reported that this messaging giant was planning on launching a payment layer in this app for its Indian users.

Paytm being one of the most popular person-to-person payment apps in India felt threatened with this revelation. So they are now, planning on including the only feature that lacked in this app, a messaging feature. Paytm currently has over 225 million wallet users in India and the app claims that half of these downloaders fall in the category of constant and active users.

All these tech updates and app changes were discussed by Kunal Dua, Gadgets 360’s editorial head and their game editor Rishi Alwani, who were joined by the event's host Pranay Parab, talking about how this will effect users in India.

Kunal speculated whether Paytm would try to evolve itself into a messaging app like WhatsApp. Ultimately, you only download and use a messaging app, if your friends are using it. And Paytm seems to already have that. Rishi Alwani compared Paytm's idea with Chinese payment wallet app called WeChat. The two apps have multiple similarities, they are used for buying movie tickets, paying bills, and other services. They also discussed 'Samsung Pay' buzz, or whether Paytm will bring in competition for other messaging apps like Whatsapp.    

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Aug 4, 2017

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How To Get Your Hashtag Trending

Trending hashtag can generate a lot of sales for your business if you do it in right way. At the same time, it is not very easy to get your hashtag in the trending list until you don’t have very big fans following. There are two ways to make your hashtag tending; paid and free. You can simply purchase a hashtag on Twitter to get publish attention but this could be very expensive. The second method is free, which required some patience and time.

Following I am sharing the free way to get your hashtag trending. If you follow the following approach correctly, then your hashtag will become part of the trends within new hours. Yes, in the start you may be failed, but at some time it will work for you.

Hashtag Tredning

Know the rules of the hashtag:

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus, you need to make sure that you are following their hashtag rules. Some of they may have additional rules but these are the most common hashtag rules which you must follow on all of these platforms:
  • Do not hashtag in unrelated topics.
  • Do not tweet without adding new information.
  • Do not add spamming links in your posts.
  • You can retweet other tweets but not all of them.
  • If you are sharing a website, it should contain related information.

Choose the right topic on right time:

It is important that you are expert in the topic which you want to trend. If you failed to provide enough information about the trending topic, then it will die in no time. Also, make sure that you are posting on the right time. For example, the trend starts in the early morning has a very short life as compare to trends which get popularity at night. If you are targeting a specific country, then follow the time of that country when posting hashtags for trending purpose.

Start tweeting with a hashtag:

Once you know the right time to post, it’s time to start posting content with a hashtag. If possible, avoid adding the hashtag in the start or end of the tweet. A hashtag in between of the tweet is the most natural and have more chances to get public attention. Also, make sure that you are not spamming. Post about other things too while posting the tweet with your hashtag. Have a ratio of 5 by 1 (5 tweets about your hashtag and 1 something else).

Get involved with other people:

You have to get the attention of other related people to make your hashtag trending. This could be possible by searching related tweets and reply back to their questions or the opinion they have shared. Make sure to include your hashtag with this. If there are any company exists related to your hashtag, then ask questions from them to make your tweet viral.

Keep it informative:

To keep your hashtag alive, you must provide the new updates and information with each and every tweet. This information should be interesting so that the other people tweet them. Also, make sure that you are posting frequently with rich content. Do not try to spam your own hashtag because once it gets blocked, it is impossible to get it back for a specific time.

Other than these rules, make sure that you are following the general posting guide of the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus etc to keep it real and simple.

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Jul 28, 2017

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Indian Government's Tryst with Digitization : Maadhaar App

Whether they improve their performance or not, Indian Government does seem to be working on advancing with times, at least in terms of technology. Although the majority of Indian population is still not comfortable with ever changing and advancing technology, Indian government's moves like Demonetization, launching the BHIM app, and now launching the Maadhar app, are hints that it does encourage the Indian population to get accustomed to the digital means.

The Maadhaar App has been mainly designed to allow the Aadhaar card users to have easy access to their Aadhaar card details, even when they do not physically have their Aadhaar card. With the Maadhaar app, you will first have to register, with your registered mobile number, enter your Aadhaar card details, and then get your Aadhaar on mobile.

Another common technique to get Aadhaar on mobile will be to download Aadhar card. This will be your e Aadhaar card, and can also serve the purpose. When it comes to Aadhaar card, most of its services can be availed online. You can either login to the official UIDAI website, or  click here for more details on Aadhaar related queries
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Comparing Artificial Intelligence: Siri v/s Bixby

The world of smartphone virtual assistant has long been dominated by Apple’s Siri. Now we have some competition for it through its arch rival Samsung. Samsung S8 comes with a fully functional virtual assistant, which goes by the name Bixby. It is way better than Samsung’s S- voice that was available in a few older Samsung smartphones. Given below are a few key features of Bixby, and how it fares in comparison with Siri.

1. Button Activation – 

Unlike Siri, Bixby does not need voice activation, but can instead start operation with a press of a button. Once it is activated, you can task it with anything you wish to do on your smartphone. According to Samsung, this voice assistant has the potential to perform 15,000 different tasks, but that does not include sending an email.

2. Supports Augmented Reality - 

The Bixby Vision feature of the virtual assistant allows it to identify objects in real time. If you come across something interesting online, you can click a picture of the same and the mobile camera will be used to deliver its price online, reviews, as well as other similar recommendations. This kind of feature is present only in Google’s devices, apart from Samsung.

3. Native App Reminder Feature – 

The Bixby home allows the virtual assistant to give you reminders on the basis of the apps you make use of on a daily basis. This can include paying your rent, watching a saved video, setting an alarm, etc.  The reminder feature of Bixby is considered to be more robust and efficient as compared to siri, primarily because is resides in the native mobile apps, and learns from your usage of the apps.

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Jul 25, 2017

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How To Reset The Password Of Your Computer If You Get Locked Out.

One of the many problems we face often is forgetting crucial passwords. When you have a recovery email account handy, changing passwords is not a challenge. But what happens when you end up forgetting the password of not just an account but a system! Getting locked out of my own PC is one of my biggest fears. If you too are afraid that this might happen, and you won’t have a way out of this situation, then this article is for you.

If you are operating on a Windows machine, then you must have come across the warning ‘Go to to reset password’. Today we will give you a step by step guide on changing the password of your Microsoft account and get access to your Windows machine. The first thing you will need for this is another system with a working internet connection.

1 Open the browser in another system that you have access to, and visit

2 When you visit the website, you will get a list of options asking you the reason for your inability to access your account. From these options, select ‘I Forgot my Password’ option. And click ‘Next’.

3 You will now get the ‘Recover your account’ Window, in this window, you need to enter the Microsoft account which you created for the PC you are unable to access. Or the account whose password you have forgotten.

4 After entering the email id, enter the code that is given below, and proceed to next step.

5 This is another step for verification, for which you will need a mobile number or another recovery id. This needs to be the one which you entered while creating your Microsoft account. In-case you do not have access to them, you can click on ‘I don’t have any of these ' options.

6 If you enter the email or mobile, you will be able to reset your password and access your account, if you selected the other option, you will have to fill up a detailed form, wait for a reply from Microsoft team, and then probably access your account.

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Jul 20, 2017

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How to Access a Different PC from your own MAC or Windows PC.

It is common for one person to be making use of two separate computers, usually the one at home, and another at work. So what happens when you are at home, and urgently need to access a file on your work computer? Through this article, we will explain you the procedure of controlling a computer with another remote computer. There is no rocket science here, and it’s all the game of software. Here we will be making use of remote desktop software like Team Viewer. The software needs to be installed on both the computers, the host computer, i.e the one that you need to control. And the other computer, using which you will be controlling the host. Once the software is installed on both computers, all you need is internet access for both the systems.

Steps to control one computer using another

1 Download Teamviewer – The first step is to download TeamViewer in the system to which you want to have remote access.

2 Open the Downloaded File – After the download is complete, you need to open the downloaded file. If you have downloaded it on a MAC, the filename would be ‘TeamViewer.dmg’, whereas for Windows users the file name would be ‘TeamViewer_Setup’. 

3 Install TeamViewer – If you are a Windows user, click on ‘installation to access this computer remotely’ option. Then select the ‘Personal/Non – Commercial use’ option. Click on ‘Accept and Finish’.

If you are a MAC user, double click on the installer package, click on OK >Apple Menu >System Preferences >Security and Privacy >Open Anyway >Open.

4 Get the Computer ID – On the left of the TeamViewer Window, a ‘Your ID’ section will appear, below the ‘Allow Remote Control’ option, through this ID, you will be able to control the computer.

5 Create Custom Password – Click on the arrow next to your current password, select ‘Set Personal Password’, confirm password and click on ‘OK’.

These were the steps you needed to follow for the host computer, now we move to steps to be followed in the computer using which you wish to get remote access.

1 Download and Install –The first step will be to download and install the software this computer as well. You may also choose to download it to your mobile.

2 Enter the ID – The ID you obtained from the host computer need to be entered in the ‘Partner ID field’, below ‘Control Remote Computer’.

3 Check Remote Control – Select this option to get remote access to the host computer.

4 Connect to Partner – Select this option from the bottom of TeamViewer Window, and then proceed to enter the password.

5 Log On – Click on this option, for authentication, and now you will be able to access the first computer’s screen on this screen.

Apart from this software, there are several other software as well using which you can get remote access to another computer.
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Jul 17, 2017

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Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is designed to allow users to watch and view videos. There are some videos you might want to save or download for watching offline. You can download the video in any format like 3GP, MP4, AVI and MOV. 3GP is best suited for small-screened mobile phones. There are plenty of ways to download YouTube videos for free on android, windows, Mac and iOS.

 Some of those methods are:-

A. For Android Download Videos With TubeMate

TubeMate is one of the easiest and most popular tools for downloading YouTube videos for free on Android smart phones. This app is not available on the play store so be cautious while downloading the app from the other sources. Make sure that you download the app from a verified source. After installing the TubeMate app open it. It looks like the YouTube app, with an extra frame around it. You can browse the video you want to download or you can paste the address of a video from your web browser.  A green download button will appear above the YouTube video. Click on it and a progress bar will appear showing “parsing video information”. Now you can choose the resolution and format of that video according to your device.

B. For iOS Or Mac Download YouTube Videos with Documents 5

Download the documents5 app. Click on share icon and copy the link of the video you want to download. Paste the link of the video on input box. Choose the quality and format and file will start to download. After finishing the download you can drag it over photos>camera roll.
 Mac users can download MacX YouTube Downloader for downloading YouTube videos for free.

C. Downloading YouTube Videos To A Windows PC 

There are plenty of apps for downloading YouTube videos to a windows PC. There are apps for downloading multiple videos simultaneously, choose the quality of the video according to your device. Tube Catcher is one of the best apps with all kinds of tools if you want a pixel-perfect performance.

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