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Aug 26, 2017

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Satisfy All Your Queries Regarding Online Booking For Jio Mobile Phone

Online bookings for the much awaited Jio mobile phone have already begun in full swing,
and multiple users still have doubts regarding the online booking of Jio Mobile Phone.
So here we are, to help you figure out all crucial details of the online booking process.

What Are The Different Ways  To Book Jio Mobiles Online?

The mobile can be booked online in three different ways.

The first one includes booking through the official site, the second is the Jio App, and the third option is the offline retailers of the brand.Whichever means you opt for, you will have to collect your phone through offline means. Also, 500 rupees need to be deposited as security while booking the phone, and the remaining 1000 rupees need to be paid at the time of collecting the device.

What Is The Process Of Online Booking And What Are The Documents Needed?

To book your Jio Phone you need a mobile number and the Pincode of the area where you want the phone to be delivered. After you have given these details, along with depositing the security amount, you will get a voucher, this voucher will contain your order number, using which you will have to collect your handset. It is through this voucher number that you will get to know when your order is ready for collection.You will be notified through an SMS notification, so keep an eye out for it.
This SMS notification will also have details of the center from where you need to collect the phone.

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Nov 4, 2016

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How to Use Reliance JIO SIM On Non-Volte 4G Sets

If you are non-VoLCTE 4G set user and is fretting over being unable to enjoy the amazing service of voice calls offered by the Reliance Jio SIM, then this is a good news for you because you are able to enjoy the voice calls despite not having the VoLTE 4G set y following some steps. 

Reliance Jio is gaining more and more popularity as the days are passing. It is giving a tough competition to its rivals and compelling them to change their strategies and introduce cheaper packages. However, the company itself is doing more and more to keep its above 30 million in good humor. 

It is paving with the speed of catching 6 lac customers per day since the time it was launched. The Reliance Jio 4G of Muskesh Amabani has jolted the entire telecom sector not only by its services but also and mainly for its extraordinarily reasonable prices. The voice calls on 4G VoLTE network are completely free. However, voice calls use data but apart from that there is no more charge levied by the company which also facilitates the users with free data from 2am to 5am. 

Now the competition has become quite tough for the competitors in the sector which are left with no other option than to offer cheaper and better data packages and call rates. Not only this but the company has swept the market with its revolutionary offers and have captured 30 million users since its launch on September 5th. 

Nevertheless, there are speculations regarding the voice calls that they do not work on the handsets other than the VoLTE, but there are some ways to enjoy voice calls on non-VoLTE 4G handsets. 
You can initiate the voice calls through putting in a Jio sim. Your non-VoLTe 4G set would notify you that the voice call is offline but you can still enjoy the voice call through this handset. 

1 Go to the Play Store and find an app named Jio4GVoice app which was known as JioJin earlier. You should be careful while finding this app as there are several fraudulent clones out there. 

2 When you have successfully found the genuine app, download and install it. After the installation, you somewhat acquire a VoLTE smartphone capability in your 4G set and are able to make HD voice as well as video calls to any mobile number or landline across the globe. 

3 The app, Jio4GVoice asks for your permission to access to the phone's dialer, battery saver, messaging app and for recording your voice, using the mic and so on. 

4 When you have given the permission, this app would send you an OTP on an alternate number for the sake of verification. 

5 When the whole process is accomplished successfully the voice call status becomes 'online' and you are able to enjoy the voice call at the disruptive price. 

In this way, the Reliance Jio SIM brings a perk with itself and makes you able to use the voice calls feature even if you don't have the VoLTE 4G sets. 

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