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Sep 1, 2017

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Learn About the All New New Privacy Basics Page in Facebook, And How To Secure Your Account

Facebook, the king of social apps and sites, has been trying hard to provide security and privacy to its dedicated users. Good news is that Facebook is launching a new interactive tool that functions as both a series of how-to guides and a checkup tool.

The new Privacy Basics page has now turned into an interactive manual where you can explore a variety of security and privacy settings. The section containing FAQ is very helpful and you can also access settings directly from the guide. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should definitely go to Privacy Checkup and make sure that all your settings are as per your need.

The Privacy Checkup helps you choose who can see your posts and info from your profile. It also shows you your settings for apps you’ve logged into with Facebook. You can use the Privacy Checkup to review and adjust your privacy settings to make sure that you’re sharing info with who you want.

How to set up Privacy Checkup

A. Go to Quick Help Tab, right next to the Notifications icon.
B. From the list of options, select Privacy Checkup
C. It will take you to a 3 step window to help make sure that you're sharing with the right people.

1. Whenever you post from News Feed or your Profile, you can choose an audience to control who sees it (Public, friends, me, etc.)
2. In this step, you will find the apps that you've used Facebook to log in to. You can edit who sees each one and delete any that you no longer want.
3. Have a look at the info (Email Address, phone number, etc) from your Profile and decide who to share it with.

Remember, your Profile may include more than what's mentioned here.It should be noted that Privacy Checkup isn't available to everyone right now. It is possible that you may not have access to Privacy Checkup on certain devices. You can still adjust all of the settings covered by Privacy Checkup by going to your privacy settings.

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Jul 6, 2017

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How To Prevent Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically

Facebook recently enabled the auto-play videos feature. With the help of auto-play, videos automatically start playing as it surfaces on your timeline. Facebook introduced this feature so that users would watch more videos on their sites. Many users find this feature annoying and that’s understandable because it forces you to watch videos which you would generally avoid, and these videos consume a lot of data, and it sometimes becomes disturbing but thankfully there is a disable option to stop these auto-playing videos.

Here is what you have to do for disabling auto-play video feature.

On the Desktop

If you are using Facebook on the desktop, through Settings you can disable auto-play videos. Steps to be followed are:-
1) In the upper right-hand corner of Facebook, go to drop down menu and click on settings and choose videos.
2) Change the “on” option to “off” for auto- play videos.
It’s that simple to turn off your auto-play option in Facebook.

On Android

It’s probably annoying when Facebook videos auto-play on your Smartphone as they consume a lot of data. To turn off auto-play on your mobile, follow these steps:-
1) Open Facebook app, go to left sidebar, and then choose “app settings”.
2) Click on “video auto-play” link and choose turn off option.
You can also click on “auto-play videos on WI-FI only” box.


To disable auto-playing videos on IOS from Facebook settings:-
1) In the bottom right corner, click on the “more” button and, go to settings and choose videos and photos.
2) Click on auto-play setting and turn it off.
So, by following these steps you can turn off the auto-play feature of your Facebook on any device and you don’t have to see any videos you don’t want to.

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Dec 22, 2015

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How to monetize mobile app through facebook Audience Network

Do you have a mobile application with a great audience? If yes, then you can increase your income just by showing ads on your mobile application. It does not matter, whether your application is listed on iTunes or Google Play market because earning money through application is possible in both options. Facebook has introduced Facebook audience network last year but it was limited to the few people but now it is open for every one which means that anyone who has their mobile applications submitted at iTunes or Google Play have equal opportunity to earn money.

What is Facebook Audience Network

It is a new service by Facebook which works in same way like Google Adsense work. Facebook Audiance Network allow you to monetize your mobile application with target ads. Yes, you will get paid for showing ad on your mobile application where chances will be double if the user click on ad and install their application through yours. The concept is not new but it is new in term to monetize mobile audience. Many people still not aware about this. Follow I am sharing with you complete tutorial How to monetize mobile app through Facebook Audience Network.

Get your application approved on iTune or Google Play

Before you apply for Facebook Audiance Network, make sure that your application is listed in Apple's market or Google Play or both of them. In case if you have submitted your mobile application and it is not yet live, you can still use this service.

Create Facebook App ID

You need to have a Facebook application ID before you apply for Facebook Audience Network. You can create your first application by following description.

2 Click on Start Now button (green button). Write down your application name or select the category. You can also select an application which has already exist to get your Facebook developer account.

3 Once you done, Facebook show you your App ID, note it down.

4 Apply to Audience Network.

5 Once you have successfully created your FB app ID, you will be redirect to dashboard of the network from where you can apply for Facebook Audience Network.

6 Click on Apply Now button (green button). It will asked you to write down your applications URL.

7 Simply copy and paste your application's URL from iTune and Google Play store.

8 Click next to submit your details. It take up to 3 business days to get your application approved.

Create Placement IDs

Once your application is approved, you are ready to place ads on your application. You can still use this feature if your application is still pending under review.

  • Visit your Facebook developer's dashboard
  • Click "Create Ad Placement" button
  • Fill the required information including name etc
  • Select the ad format (there are three formats available)
  • Click save to get your ads code. You can generate as many ads you want
Place ads in your mobile application

There are different ways to incorporate Facebook ad to your mobile application.
Follow instruction as per your application network below:
Payment Information:
Once you start showing ads on your application. You will start getting paid for views, impression, installation and application download. You need to submit your payout information to get paid. This could be done by visiting your Facebook audience network dashboard.

Click on Payout tab and complete the information. You need to submit Company information, Business owner information, payment information and admin details.

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Jun 25, 2015

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How to Increase Facebook Likes for Free

Read this blog post how to increase Facebook likes for free. Surely it will help you. Facebook is no more a place to share your daily status, photos, video and play games. Facebook is now more than a business place for popular brands and small businesses around the world. Name the company who does not own a Facebook fan page? Well you can't because every company want to be in touch with their customers and consumers and this could be done only with the help of social media networks like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Among all of other social networking websites, Facebook is leading due to number of options its provide to business owners to set, promote and increase the productivity of their business through Facebook fan page.

I know its sound great that Facebook fan pages can help you to generate sales or bring visitors to your website but the question is how does you bring fans to Facebook fan page at first place? Somehow the popular brands can get fans for their pages with no time due to their brand name and popularity because users on Facebook search for them to get updates about their products but the medium sized and small business suffer a lot when it’s come to get fans for Facebook fan page and same like that a new business has to do lot of effort to get popularity on Facebook.

There are number of free and paid ways to increase Facebook likes. Following i am sharing both of them which will help you to increase Faceboook likes in very short time.

Free ways to increase Facebook likes:

1 SEO optimized your Fan page:-
Your Facebook fan page is a website if you choose the right page names, put correct description in about us section and post relevant content then your chances to get organic fans from search engines are high because search engines like Google show the Facebook fan pages in search result specially on first page. So, the better you optimized the more chances to increase Facebook likes.

2 Ask help from your friend:-
"A friend in need is a friend indeed" you can asked from your Facebook friends and family members to help you to bring likes for your fan page. Asked them to share posts from your fan page and also the link of your fan page on their time line. Suppose you have 10 friends and each of them has 100 friends and all of your friends share about your fan page on their timelines then your Facebook pages will be aware to 1000 people.

3 Post engagement:-
The biggest reason why people did not like Facebook page or leave the existing one is the lack of post engagement. The admin of page did not reply back or post comment on the posts of their fans posted on your fan page. So, try to keep engage with your fans.

4 Post something interesting:-
Do you know most of fans on Facebook page come through friend's posts? If you post something very interesting like a photo or video which makes your fans to share it on their timelines then you will not just get free publicity of your fan page but also see the increase in Facebook likes.

5 Post on different times of a day:-
Posting content on Fan page on different times of a day can help you to judge when did your most fans are online. This will increase the post engagement rate and helps you to get likes.

6 Share for Share:-
Asked from popular pages to share your Facebook page on their timelines, it is very rear that they will reply back but there is nothing wrong to give a try.

Paid ways to increase Facebook likes:

1 Use Facebook Ads:-
Facebook ads is a great way to get target fans for your Facebook page. There are lot of options available in Facebook ad center through which you can search your target audience and show your fan page ads to them. Promoting Facebook fan page to increase likes through Facebook ads is not really expensive, it’s all depends how well you are to find your target audience. Because if you did not found the target audience then your ads will be appear to non relevant people and they will not gone like your fan page.

2 Boost Posts:-
It is the sub category of Facebook ads but different in term of getting post engagement. Through boost posts option you can make your post available to all of your existing fans. Facebook does not show each and every post of your fan page to your fans, its is in their policy, if they start showing each and every post in news feed then there would be lot of irrelevant posts in people’s newsfeed. So, boosting your posts is a great way to increase Facebook likes and post engagement for your fan page.

3 Purchase Likes:-
Another easy and very cheap way to increase Facebook likes is to purchase likes from companies who are offering this service. You can found number of freelancers who can provide you 1000 likes in just $5 on and many other websites etc.

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Dec 31, 2014

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Facebook Customer Service Phone Numbers and Support

Are you looking for Facebook customer service Phone number, then your at the right place because exactly that is what I am going to share with you as to where you should head upon in case you are facing some trouble with this giant social networking website.

Today if there is something where you can find a lot of people at the same place and at the same time it is definitely a Social Networking Site. Nowadays people no more believe in social gathering rather they believe in an online get together which has been made possible by our so called social networking sites. If you talk about these sites then the first name that comes in mind is FACEBOOK. Facebook being the world's number 2 site and with such huge number of users it is definitely something that is capable of forming countries in itself if all its users are gathered at one place. Starting from a small site made for use within the Harvard University, nobody would have thought that it will come a long way through to this place. Facebook has now become a biggest platform for people to interact with each other  and to share their social life with others. It also has allowed people to make new friends at the same time. Here I am not going to discuss the insights of Facebook since most of the people are already known to them.

facebook customer service phone number

With such huge number of users using the service that is free also, it is quite obvious that some if not a lot of people might face some sort of issues dealing with the site which can be related to account hacking or account cancellation or a bug. Therefore there has to be some channel through which you can contact Facebook but unfortunately since Facebook is free to use, the options are quite limited to contact it directly. However, there is a way to report your problem directly to Facebook and thankfully, for that there is a Facebook customer service number where you can contact 24/7 and report your issues. 

Facebook customer service phone number is 650-543-4800.

Facebook is headquartered at -

1601, South Calfornia Ave
Menio Park
California - 94304

You can call on this Facebook customer service toll free number to get your queries resolved. You can get any sort of help related to your account by contacting on this Facebook help number.

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Dec 20, 2014

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What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook to Get More Likes & Reach

Are you running a Facebook page? Have you ever been wondering why after posting so much stuff, still you are unable to catch people onto your page? Well the question seems to be quite simple but it's an important one because a Facebook page without like or reach is just like a purse without money. But there is a way to make that happen. It's simple, simply publish your posts when most of the your fans are online. Does it really matter to know the best time to publish a post in order to make it viral? Now, you will ask how important that is to attract the users. Well, let me get you an insight of the Facebook's News Feed algorithm. According to this algorithm of Facebook the feeds which are more engaging gets rewarded i.e the one's which have more likes and more comments will get an added advantage. How can you get comments and likes without your user being online?

Here comes the real secret, that is to know the time your fans are so that he/she will be able to see your posts and hence can engage itself on it. So, it's simple ­ post when your fans are online, they will get the post on top of  news feed page and hence will get to see your post, grab the attention of user by publishing some real good posts and you are done.

The question here is how will you come to know when your fans are active. Well no need to worry, there is a way to find out and that is what I am going to tell you in the following steps.

Steps to know the best time to post on Facebook

1 Now login to your Facebook and navigate the page you want to check the insights.

2 You will find Insights in the menu, click on that.

3 Navigate to the Posts tab and click on When your fans are online tab.

4 And you are done, find the time when your fans are online and use it for publishing your post.

After all that you will be able to see two graphs, one for the days and one for the times.

Here, the times graph is of much importance. If you put your mouse on the graph, you will be able to see the average number of your fans who saw any posts on Facebook on an hour by hour basis. Go to the peek point of that graph and find corresponding hour for example if it's 7 pm, then this is the time when fans are able to see posts the most. Similarly, you can dig more information by going into a per day basis to find out the same data for every week day by clicking on the corresponding week day on the days graph.

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