Oct 9, 2017

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Real Time Translation with Google Pixel Buds

Google at its latest event in San Francisco has launched an exciting product called Pixel buds along with Pixel smartphones, Chromebook, new speakers, Google clips, etc. Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to Airports of Apple but there is more to it. Pixel buds are basically in-ear headphones priced fairly at 159 USD, and they come with a touchpad. That’s what is interesting about the Google’s new product. With just one touch, users can access Google assistant.

Image Source - Google Blog


Pixel Buds are smart headphones and as it was demonstrated at the event, users can control the phone through voice commands. They can play music, answer calls, send texts and maybe get walking directions. But the biggest innovation Google has brought to its design is a Real-time translation.

Users can simply speak their native language in Pixel buds and it is on the spot translated and read out loud through an assistant in your phone’s speaker. The other person would do the same and the message will be again translated to your native language and you would be able to listen to the translated message via Pixel buds. Google is supporting as much as 40 languages till now and interestingly Hindi is one of them.

How are Pixel Buds Different

Pixel buds are better than simple translation or through Google translate App, and ensures that the conversation goes smoother. There are other features as well but Pixel buds have one limitation. It cannot be used with any other device except Pixel phones.

Google has tried to create an eyes-free product where users could just use their voice to do most of the commands on phone. It’s an exciting entry to the line of Google’s products.

For more information and images of Pixel Pods, click here


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