Aug 4, 2017

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How To Get Your Hashtag Trending

Trending hashtag can generate a lot of sales for your business if you do it in right way. At the same time, it is not very easy to get your hashtag in the trending list until you don’t have very big fans following. There are two ways to make your hashtag tending; paid and free. You can simply purchase a hashtag on Twitter to get publish attention but this could be very expensive. The second method is free, which required some patience and time.

Following I am sharing the free way to get your hashtag trending. If you follow the following approach correctly, then your hashtag will become part of the trends within new hours. Yes, in the start you may be failed, but at some time it will work for you.

Hashtag Tredning

Know the rules of the hashtag:

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus, you need to make sure that you are following their hashtag rules. Some of they may have additional rules but these are the most common hashtag rules which you must follow on all of these platforms:
  • Do not hashtag in unrelated topics.
  • Do not tweet without adding new information.
  • Do not add spamming links in your posts.
  • You can retweet other tweets but not all of them.
  • If you are sharing a website, it should contain related information.

Choose the right topic on right time:

It is important that you are expert in the topic which you want to trend. If you failed to provide enough information about the trending topic, then it will die in no time. Also, make sure that you are posting on the right time. For example, the trend starts in the early morning has a very short life as compare to trends which get popularity at night. If you are targeting a specific country, then follow the time of that country when posting hashtags for trending purpose.

Start tweeting with a hashtag:

Once you know the right time to post, it’s time to start posting content with a hashtag. If possible, avoid adding the hashtag in the start or end of the tweet. A hashtag in between of the tweet is the most natural and have more chances to get public attention. Also, make sure that you are not spamming. Post about other things too while posting the tweet with your hashtag. Have a ratio of 5 by 1 (5 tweets about your hashtag and 1 something else).

Get involved with other people:

You have to get the attention of other related people to make your hashtag trending. This could be possible by searching related tweets and reply back to their questions or the opinion they have shared. Make sure to include your hashtag with this. If there are any company exists related to your hashtag, then ask questions from them to make your tweet viral.

Keep it informative:

To keep your hashtag alive, you must provide the new updates and information with each and every tweet. This information should be interesting so that the other people tweet them. Also, make sure that you are posting frequently with rich content. Do not try to spam your own hashtag because once it gets blocked, it is impossible to get it back for a specific time.

Other than these rules, make sure that you are following the general posting guide of the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus etc to keep it real and simple.


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