Aug 16, 2017

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Government Has Directed Google and Facebook to Remove All Blue Whale Challenge Links

Leading to the popularity of a 50-day suicidal online game called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ amongst youngsters, the government has directed all the leading social media giants like Facebook and Google, to make amends to remove all links directing users to this dangerous Blue Whale Challenge. 

Recently a teenage boy in Mumbai named Manpreet Singh Sahani lost his life in the conquest of completing this challenge last month. There have been multiple instances around the world, including in Indian where children have tried committing suicide, in order to complete the game.

Concerning this issue, the government wants to ensure that any link that can potentially influence young minds should be eliminated from the internet. The Blue What Challenge originated in Russia, which demands its players to indulge in some self-destructive dangerous tasks for a total of 50 days. The game ends in demanding the player to film them committing suicide and sharing it online as a proof.

Reportedly, Manpreet was only 14 years old, and he shared that he is playing the game with his friends and planned on jumping from the building at the end of the game. But everyone saw the matter lightly as a joke. This challenge has taken the life of 130 young children around the world. Teenagers being a potentially vulnerable target are falling into the trap of this challenge, seeking a virtual freedom. They are getting an adrenaline boost by going against the rules and regulations of the real world.


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