Dec 22, 2015

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How to monetize mobile app through facebook Audience Network

Do you have a mobile application with a great audience? If yes, then you can increase your income just by showing ads on your mobile application. It does not matter, whether your application is listed on iTunes or Google Play market because earning money through application is possible in both options. Facebook has introduced Facebook audience network last year but it was limited to the few people but now it is open for every one which means that anyone who has their mobile applications submitted at iTunes or Google Play have equal opportunity to earn money.

What is Facebook Audience Network

It is a new service by Facebook which works in same way like Google Adsense work. Facebook Audiance Network allow you to monetize your mobile application with target ads. Yes, you will get paid for showing ad on your mobile application where chances will be double if the user click on ad and install their application through yours. The concept is not new but it is new in term to monetize mobile audience. Many people still not aware about this. Follow I am sharing with you complete tutorial How to monetize mobile app through Facebook Audience Network.

Get your application approved on iTune or Google Play

Before you apply for Facebook Audiance Network, make sure that your application is listed in Apple's market or Google Play or both of them. In case if you have submitted your mobile application and it is not yet live, you can still use this service.

Create Facebook App ID

You need to have a Facebook application ID before you apply for Facebook Audience Network. You can create your first application by following description.

2 Click on Start Now button (green button). Write down your application name or select the category. You can also select an application which has already exist to get your Facebook developer account.

3 Once you done, Facebook show you your App ID, note it down.

4 Apply to Audience Network.

5 Once you have successfully created your FB app ID, you will be redirect to dashboard of the network from where you can apply for Facebook Audience Network.

6 Click on Apply Now button (green button). It will asked you to write down your applications URL.

7 Simply copy and paste your application's URL from iTune and Google Play store.

8 Click next to submit your details. It take up to 3 business days to get your application approved.

Create Placement IDs

Once your application is approved, you are ready to place ads on your application. You can still use this feature if your application is still pending under review.

  • Visit your Facebook developer's dashboard
  • Click "Create Ad Placement" button
  • Fill the required information including name etc
  • Select the ad format (there are three formats available)
  • Click save to get your ads code. You can generate as many ads you want
Place ads in your mobile application

There are different ways to incorporate Facebook ad to your mobile application.
Follow instruction as per your application network below:
Payment Information:
Once you start showing ads on your application. You will start getting paid for views, impression, installation and application download. You need to submit your payout information to get paid. This could be done by visiting your Facebook audience network dashboard.

Click on Payout tab and complete the information. You need to submit Company information, Business owner information, payment information and admin details.


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