Apr 15, 2015

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How to submit your site to Google news feed

If you own a news portal and want to submit your website to Google News feed, then you have landed on the right page because today I am sharing with you the easy steps to get listed into Google News Feed. The following three simple steps will not just help you to get listed your website in Google News but also improve the overall structure of your website including content and technical requirements mentioned under Google Webmaster Quality Content Guidelines.

Why should you get into Google News:

First thing to get listed in Google News feed is to understand its benefits and why you should include your website to Google News feed

  • Your articles will index and ranked within seconds
  • Your latest posts get ranked high without any SEO effort
  • Traffic from Google News - More organic visitors
  • Increase Google Juice on the basis of your "fresh" content
  • Increase domain and pages overall authority status
  • You will get free backlinks - Many people use news sites as source
  • Your website will be included in Google Alert newsletter for free
  • You can easily turn your simple news website into a brand
Requirement to get listed in Google News feed
Does not the above-mentioned benefit want you to submit your website to Google News Feeds right now? What are you waiting for? Check out the Requirement to get listed in Google News feeds right now.

Requirements of Website:

1 Unique Design: Your website design and template should be unique, don’t use free templates

2 URL structure: The URL structure of website should be user and search engine friendly, use domain.com/title-of-news instead of domain.com/news532

3 Site Navigation: Add a clear navigation bar at the top of your website to make your website more users friendly

4 Create About Us Page: It should include the information about your company

5 Create Contact Us Page: The contact us page should have physical mailing addresses and phone number

6 Create Authors information page: Which should show the bio and articles written by authors

7 Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines: For more help and content related requirements, please refer the Google webmaster quality guidelines

Quality of News:

1 Publish Multiple News Article daily: Make sure that you are frequently updating your website just like any other news website or blog

2 Use Multimedia in your News Articles: Your news article should have at least one image or video related to the news and it should be unique.

3 Timely News: Posts news on time and news should be important to people

4 Uniqueness: All news should be unique and original, should have original sources

5 Professionalism: The news articles should be written in professional manners

6 Language: The news articles should not have grammatical or spelling mistake

Technical Requirements:

1 Meta tags: Use Meta tags to inform Google about the content of news

2 Sitemap: Create and submit sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools

3 Robots.txt: Update your Robots.txt file and make sure that it does not block any URL

4 GWTs: Use Google Webmaster tools to know what’s wrong and the errors in your website

Submit your website

Once you follow above-mentioned steps and you think that now your website is qualified for Google News Feed, it's time to submit your website through Google News Publisher center. Simply open this link and signup using your Google account which you are using  your Google Webmaster Tools and select the website you want to submit into Google News feed. 

Google usually notify within seven business days. If you did not see your website within 15 days in Google News feed or you did not receive any email from Google, then contact Google regarding the issue.


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