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How to download Pokemon Go in India, Mobile Game, Android

You are searching for this Mobile game Pokemon Go, it means still Niantic and The Pokemon Company to announce an official release date of Pokemon Go in India. But it can be played on your Android mobile by downloading Pokemon go APK which is available online. Please follow these below steps to download, install and play Pokemon go.

Steps to download Pokemon Go App on Android in India

1 On your phone tap on Settings.

2 Tap on Security or Privacy.

how to download Pokemon go

3 Go to Unknown sources. And tap Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources. This will allow you to install Pokemon Go.

how to download Pokemon go

4 On your phone, download Pokemon Go APK from this link.

how to download Pokemon go

5 Now simply go to the Downloads folder on your phone, locate the APK and install the game by following the instructions there.

how to download Pokemon go

You can now play and enjoy the Pokemon Go on you Android Mobile devices. If you have any queries please ask through comments.

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How to load best performing Adsense ad first - reveal the secret to increase revenue.

Google adsense does not required any introduction. If you are blogger, then you would be the one who is using Google adsense on your blog to earn money. It has been 10 year since the Google has launched this amazing service which allow individual bloggers and website owners to monetize their website and earn money. But earning money through Adsense is not as its look like because you need to generate great content to attract visitor, work on SEO to make content search engine friendly and spend money on marketing to generate traffic. But some people did not get CTR/CPM rate on their ads due to which they did not earn as they were expecting.

It has been many years, but still no one knows the formula of Google Adsense's CTR/CPM yet. There are many people who come up with the ideas to increase CTR rates like placing minimum ads on one page or have a big space between two ads but still there is no confirmation that whether its increase CTR or not. One of the trip which can help you to increase your Adsense CTR/CPM is to place ad at the top of your page while it has been also believed that ads which appear on top of your page pay you maximum money on each click. How?  let's take a look, how does Google ads algorithm works.

How Google Ads Algorithm works?

To understand why the first ad of the page is important for your website and how it can help you to increase CTR, we need to know that how does Google's ad serving algorithm works and how its assign the CTR to each ad appear on website.

When a visitor visit to your website, Google's ad serving algorithm scan your whole page and place highest CTR to the first ad of your website. Suppose, your website's page contain four different blocks of adsense. When Google algorithm scan your website to assign ads to your website. It will assign the highest CTR to first ad appear on your page then lower CTR/CPM of second, third and fourth ad which means that the add appear in the end of the page will give you less money for each click as compare to ad placed on the top of the website. So, our aim is to give the same property which the first ad is getting to the other three ads too to increase the CTR. This could be done with the help of HTML and CSS coding without hurting your Adsense account's policy and term and condition. Which means it is legal to do this.

The solution:

Simply place your ad code right after the <body> tag and adjust the ad placement with the help of CSS code. It will not affect your website design and increase the CTR of your website. You can do this by adding the following code under <body> tag:

<div id="ad1">
Insert your ad code here

Now you have to style your ad1 div in CSS. You can do it as per your website design's requirement by setting position but following I am sharing with you CSS to give you idea for 728x90px ad:

#ad1 {
width: 728px;
height: 90px;
position: absolute;
left: 140px;
top: 350px;

Adjust left and top position as per your website design requirements.

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How to monetize mobile app through facebook Audience Network

Do you have a mobile application with a great audience? If yes, then you can increase your income just by showing ads on your mobile application. It does not matter, whether your application is listed on iTunes or Google Play market because earning money through application is possible in both options. Facebook has introduced Facebook audience network last year but it was limited to the few people but now it is open for every one which means that anyone who has their mobile applications submitted at iTunes or Google Play have equal opportunity to earn money.

What is Facebook Audience Network

It is a new service by Facebook which works in same way like Google Adsense work. Facebook Audiance Network allow you to monetize your mobile application with target ads. Yes, you will get paid for showing ad on your mobile application where chances will be double if the user click on ad and install their application through yours. The concept is not new but it is new in term to monetize mobile audience. Many people still not aware about this. Follow I am sharing with you complete tutorial How to monetize mobile app through Facebook Audience Network.

Get your application approved on iTune or Google Play

Before you apply for Facebook Audiance Network, make sure that your application is listed in Apple's market or Google Play or both of them. In case if you have submitted your mobile application and it is not yet live, you can still use this service.

Create Facebook App ID

You need to have a Facebook application ID before you apply for Facebook Audience Network. You can create your first application by following description.

2 Click on Start Now button (green button). Write down your application name or select the category. You can also select an application which has already exist to get your Facebook developer account.

3 Once you done, Facebook show you your App ID, note it down.

4 Apply to Audience Network.

5 Once you have successfully created your FB app ID, you will be redirect to dashboard of the network from where you can apply for Facebook Audience Network.

6 Click on Apply Now button (green button). It will asked you to write down your applications URL.

7 Simply copy and paste your application's URL from iTune and Google Play store.

8 Click next to submit your details. It take up to 3 business days to get your application approved.

Create Placement IDs

Once your application is approved, you are ready to place ads on your application. You can still use this feature if your application is still pending under review.

  • Visit your Facebook developer's dashboard
  • Click "Create Ad Placement" button
  • Fill the required information including name etc
  • Select the ad format (there are three formats available)
  • Click save to get your ads code. You can generate as many ads you want
Place ads in your mobile application

There are different ways to incorporate Facebook ad to your mobile application.
Follow instruction as per your application network below:
Payment Information:
Once you start showing ads on your application. You will start getting paid for views, impression, installation and application download. You need to submit your payout information to get paid. This could be done by visiting your Facebook audience network dashboard.

Click on Payout tab and complete the information. You need to submit Company information, Business owner information, payment information and admin details.

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10 Best Blogs to Follow about Smartphone

A cell phone industry has been skyrocketing today. The smartphone market is dominating the whole industry worldwide. This huge alteration has resulted in the increase of information source about smartphones. Blogs become enormous sources of information about fill in, development, and latest news about smartphones. You can take advantage of 10 Best Blogs to Follow about Smartphone. The smartphone market varies depending on groups. Blogs become unbiased information for you to learn more about the smartphone market. Both the smartphone companies and consumers can take advantage of blogs to deliver information and apprises. Yet, there are too many blogs on the internet. You can choose some of them to follow based on popularity.

The Best Ones to Follow

Here is the list of the best blogs to follow about a smartphone. They are still competing against each other to earn a better rank. What are they?

1.    Techinasia
2.    Recode
3.    Gizmodo
4.    Digitaltrends
5.    Mashable
6.    Petapixel
7.    Techcrunch
8.    Yankodesign
9.    Mikeshouts
10.  Manofmany

Each of them offers different advantages for visitors. You can review all of the blogs if necessary. The ranking is determined by the quality of information about smartphone and any recent technologies given. Perhaps people have different preferences and interest about a particular smartphone blog. It’s because they have different perception about what they need to get from the blogs. 

What Can You Get from the Blogs?

Those blogs are useful to look for information and a huge amount of advertisement about the smartphone market. Most consumers are regular people. They aren’t experts who understand almost everything about a smartphone. The blogs about smartphone provide them both information and news about such kind of industry. Visitors have the chance to find out news and happening events related to the smartphone market and industry. You are also to gain the advantage of the social aspect of those blogs. They can provide the sense of voice and unity of the smartphone consumers around the world. Visitors are able to interact to each other through 10 Best Blogs to Follow about Smartphone.

Blogs and forums provide honest reviews about smartphone devices and industry. Thus, you are able to learn some new products in the marketplace. Some of you perhaps have a blog about a smartphone. It will be great if you can learn something from professional blogs. Following popular blogs give you the insights how to get more visitors for the blog. As a blogger, you should visit more communities to earn both information and experience. The goal is to get the backlink. How can you follow those blogs? There’s a button for you to click on the front page. 

10 Best Blogs to Follow about Smartphone isn’t just for bloggers. They are also specifically designed for readers to get information about a smartphone. You can subscribe the news and updates posted by those blogs. Following a blog will make you a fan. You will get some perks by following those blogs. Both Recode and Techinasia are still challenging to be the number one on the list. They try to provide as much benefit as possible for the visitors and readers.

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Top 5 Adsense plugin for your Wordpress blog

I am going to share top 5 Adsense plugins which will definitely help you to increase your adsense revenue. It is not an easy task to decide which WordPress plugin will suits you and provide you most benefits. Specially when its come to Adsense through which you earn money then you need to be careful when you decide a Adsense plugin for your WordPress blog because you need to keep in mind the policies and term and conditions of Google regarding to place ads. To make it easy, following I am sharing the list of Top 5 Adsense plugin for your WordPress blog including some of their basic features which allow you to decide which plugin you are going to use for your blog.

Official Wordpress plugin by Google to insert adsense in your blog and website. This plugin lеtѕ you рlасе AdSense ads uѕing a simple роint-аnd-сliсk UI rаthеr than mаnuаllу inѕеrting ѕniрреtѕ уоurѕеlf. Tо inѕеrt AdSеnѕе аdѕ without the рlugin would first involve generating the AdSense ѕniрреt and thеn раѕting thе Adsense ѕniрреt intо еithеr the tеxt оf thе ѕitе оr dirесtlу intо thе PHP. This plugin also allow you to verify your website through Google webmaster tools. You can manually insert ads if you don't like ads placement while it is also mobile optimized.

This plugin has both free and a paid version with more option and better features but its free version also works great. Thiѕ iѕ a great рlugin in order tо hеlр уоu tо сrеаtе rеvеnuе frоm уоur blog! There аrе so many diffеrеnt fеаturеѕ thаt thiѕ plugin оffеrѕ that givе you lots оf control аnd a set of орtiоnѕ, whilе аt thе same timе keeping thingѕ vеrу ѕimрlе.Its allow you to add ads in sidebar widgets, you can block ads, easily control where to show ads through its advance admin panel.

This is not just a great WordPress plugin to insert Adsense ads in your blog but its allow you to ad any type of codes to show ads. Ad Injесtiоn is аn еxсеllеnt WоrdPrеѕѕ plugin for diѕрlауing advertisements frоm Google AdSеnѕе, Amаzоn Associates, ClickBank оr оthеr аd рrоvidеrѕ. You саn choose thе numbеr оf аdѕ dереnding оn the роѕt lеngth. Thеrе'ѕ support fоr A:B split tеѕting / аd rotation. And ѕuрроrt fоr dуnаmiс rеѕtriсtiоnѕ (by IP аddrеѕѕ аnd rеfеrrеr). Nоtе that thiѕ iѕ an аdvаnсеd plugin with lоаdѕ of options. If you wаnt a really simple plugin thiѕ might nоt bе thе оnе fоr уоu! This plugin support all the previous and latest version of WordPress and regularly update with new features.

As the name say by its self. It is one of the simplest WordPress plugin designed for Adsense. No advance control panel or so many options to confused you. Simply insert short codes in your posts to decide where to show your ads. You can decide ads size, type and color combination as well. This plugin also allow you to insert ads in your ads template through pho template files. No coding required to use this simple WordPress plugin for Adsense.

An other advance multi-purpose Wordpress plugin for Adsense which allow you to ad any type of ads in your blog templates, between content and sidebar. Ad Inѕеrtеr iѕ a ѕimрlе уеt powerful ѕоlutiоn to inѕеrt аnу code into WоrdPrеѕѕ. Pеrfесt fоr AdSеnѕе or соntеxtuаl Amаzоn аdѕ. Simply еntеr any HTML/Javascript/PHP code and ѕеlесt whеrе аnd hоw уоu wаnt tо diѕрlау it. You have full freedom to decide where you would like to inster ads including before and after post title and content.
The developer of this plugin regularly update this plugin with new features and options. So, keep up to date this plugin for Adsense to enjoy new features for free

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How To Become A YouTube Partner to Earn Money Online at Home

YouTube is a great place to get entertain, educate and get free healthy tips. But do you that YouTube also pay their users for uploading videos and bringing views to their videos? Yes, this is true and not new anymore. You need to become YouTube partner to earn money by uploading your videos. YouTube pay you in two ways:
  1. On the bases of number of video views (normally 1000 views required)
  2. On the bases of number of clicks on ads generated through your videos

Earning through YouTube is one of the most easiest way to make money online in case if you have an audience and you are good in creating videos. You don't need to appear in video to get approved for YouTube partner but you can also make a video channels where you offer free tutorials and tips etc.

To become YouTube partner, you need to know the requirement first.

Requirements to become a YouTube Partner:

There are not much requirements to become YouTube partner. All you need to follow YouTube term and condition and community guidelines. Following i am sharing a small summery of these two, so you can get idea whether you qualified to become YouTube partner or not:

  • Your country is listed in the list of countries where Google allow you to be their YouTube partner. You can check whether your country is listed or not from here .
  • Your account has not been disabled for monetization previously.
  • Contents on your YouTube channel is original and created by you.
  • Quality of content should be good, not just random videos or music.
  • Your video content should complies with Google's YouTube partner program. Read from here .
  • You are not uploading content of other users, TV shows, movies and music videos etc.
  • Live performance videos like concerts, technology based events and shows are not allowed.
Enable Your YouTube channel for monetization:

Once you know that you are following and fulfilling the requirements to quality for YouTube partnership. Next step is to enable this option or in other words apply for YouTube partner program.
  • Click monetization tab under your YouTube account setting.
  • Check if your account is disable for monetization or not.
  • Click on Enable My Account for YouTube monetization program.
  • Follow the rest of steps which includes agreement and TOS etc.
Monetize your YouTube videos:

Once your application for YouTube partnership will be approved within take up to 3 working days you will have the option to monetize your videos. Every time when you upload a new video to your YouTube channel you will see the option to monetize your videos. You can select ads size and type from there. In case if you want to monetize your already uploaded videos or you forget to monetize your new videos then you can always enable ads simply by clicking the edit button.

Benefits of becoming a YouTube partner:

Earning money is indeed one of the main advantage of becoming a YouTube partner but other that, YouTube provides you more benefits so you can edit your videos, they also start showing your videos in their search results because, you are not the only one who get paid for video views but YouTube also earning at the same time by serving ads on your videos. Let's take a look at benefits of becoming YouTube partner below:
  • You earn money for every view on videos your have uploaded.
  • Better exposure to your videos and YouTube channels.
  • You get more likes/dislikes, comments and video shares.
  • Chances for get free YouTube subscribers increased.
  • YouTube offer you more customization options to edit your videos.
  • You get proprietary rights on your videos and channels.
  • Access to YouTube Analytics tool to view your video traffic.

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How to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic

Social media becomes the part of our life now. A person who has access to internet, is connected with at least 1 social media website in any ways. Some people use social media to find friends and date online while for some people social media is just a fun place to spend quality of time with friends and family where for businesses, social media can play most important role for their promotion because on social media websites, user submit most honest information about them. Which mean that you can use that data to target your business, products, services or just your website to gain traffic.

When we talk about social media websites, there are dozens of them. Some of them based on niches, features and options. For example you YouTube is designed for those whole love to create videos and want to show their work to the world, where Twitter is a great place to pass your opinion on social or political matter, just like that, Facebook is a place to submit general stuff which includes pictures, videos and notes etc. Other than all of these social media website, there is one which has been created only for the promotion of pictures where members can only submit photos. Yes, I am talking about Pinterest.com where you can find the biggest collection of photos which has been submitted by their members.

Pinterest is not just a place to submit photo which you like but a business or website owner can promote their product and website through Pinterest very easily. To do that, you need to create a pin on your pinterest account which means, you have to submit picture directly from your website. It can be done through two different ways:
  1. Use Pinterest pin button on your website to submit photos on Pinterest
  2. Use Pinterest.com to pin a photo manually through main website.

Registering an account on Pinterest, creating boards and submitting pictures on Pinterest, all of these are free of cost. But how to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic is the main issue. Until you don't have followers, your pin will be considered dead because no one is there to receive your pin on their news feed. Then how to promote pins? Following I am sharing some quick tips to promote pins on Pinterest to drive free traffic:

1 Create an attractive profile on Pinterest account, use display picture and proper description. If possible, add relevant tags, so the people of your interest can search you.

2 Add pinterest social button on your website to encourage them to pin or repin images from your website to their Pinterest board.

3 When you pin your images, use proper keywords, description and tags to get your pin listed in the search result. This will help your pin to get explore by other users of Pinterest through search result.

4 Use tags like follow4follow and pin4pin to get free pins for your images and followers to your Pinterest account.

5 Repins and favorite other people pins because it is in human nature that when someone help you to promote their stuff for free, you will help them back.

6 Comment on other people's pins so they got notification about your profile. 50% of them will surly visit to your profile and explore your pins.

If you are from USA, then you can also purchase pin promotion from Pinterest to promote your pin in your target member on the bases of members activities.

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