Feb 1, 2018

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How to upload ads.txt file into Blogger Blog – A simple trick to add

It is a good news for Bloggers that Google has recently enabled a feature to add the ads.txt file to the blogger.  Now bloggers can sell their inventories to Authorized Digital sellers.  We all know Ads.txt is a newly introduced program by IAB intended to reduce the fraud in online advertising. This program will stop people making money in the digital advertising by blocking unauthorized ad inventory sales. This is recommended but not compulsory for the publishers selling their inventory online. It is very simple to upload an Ads.txt file to WordPress through a plugin but now the functionality has been developed by Google to add the Ads.txt file to blogger as well. Please follow these below steps to upload ads.txt file into blogger.

Steps to add Ads.txt file to Blogger.

1 Log in to your blogger account.

2 Go to settings -> Search Preferences

ads.txt to blogger

3 Then scroll down and you will find Monetization option over there.

4 Clik on edit then Yes

5 Now add your publisher id with the required format in the text box. (Refer the below example)

6 Then click on save.

To authorize Google Adsense please follow the below format in your ads.txt file.

google.com, pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Make sure to change pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your publisher id.

Now you have successfully uploaded the ads.txt file to your blogger blog. To verify open your website by adding ads.txt at the end.

For example www.yourwebsite/ads.txt

Still, if you are facing any issues uploading the ads.txt file please contact me through the comment option.

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Oct 9, 2017

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Real Time Translation with Google Pixel Buds

Google at its latest event in San Francisco has launched an exciting product called Pixel buds along with Pixel smartphones, Chromebook, new speakers, Google clips, etc. Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to Airports of Apple but there is more to it. Pixel buds are basically in-ear headphones priced fairly at 159 USD, and they come with a touchpad. That’s what is interesting about the Google’s new product. With just one touch, users can access Google assistant.

Image Source - Google Blog


Pixel Buds are smart headphones and as it was demonstrated at the event, users can control the phone through voice commands. They can play music, answer calls, send texts and maybe get walking directions. But the biggest innovation Google has brought to its design is a Real-time translation.

Users can simply speak their native language in Pixel buds and it is on the spot translated and read out loud through an assistant in your phone’s speaker. The other person would do the same and the message will be again translated to your native language and you would be able to listen to the translated message via Pixel buds. Google is supporting as much as 40 languages till now and interestingly Hindi is one of them.

How are Pixel Buds Different

Pixel buds are better than simple translation or through Google translate App, and ensures that the conversation goes smoother. There are other features as well but Pixel buds have one limitation. It cannot be used with any other device except Pixel phones.

Google has tried to create an eyes-free product where users could just use their voice to do most of the commands on phone. It’s an exciting entry to the line of Google’s products.

For more information and images of Pixel Pods, click here

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Sep 11, 2017

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Whatsapp Adds Verified Badges To Selected Business Accounts

Whatsapp Adds Verified Badges To Selected Business Accounts

WhatsApp has been in news recently for its service failures resulting in a global outrage, it is planning a big move which can turn the tables. There have been many innovations in its interface since its inception and it has garnered a huge popularity among Smartphone users. With over a billion user base, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the best chat and texting application in the market. India alone hosts an astounding number of 200 million active users of WhatsApp.
Image Source: https://www.whatsapp.com

So what is the fuss about the new business feature? 
It is been reported that WhatsApp is exploring ways for you to communicate with the business profiles. WhatsApp is among those few apps which don't show any advertisements to its users and provides a smooth texting experience. The feature will now provide official green badges to selected business accounts after a thorough verification process. The new feature, which is still in its Beta testing phase, will help businesses appear more trustworthy and user-friendly.

At present, BookMyShow is one of the services, which has become a part of WhatsApp’s beta program for verified profiles. Other companies which are expected to join the program are Ola, Oyo, etc.

Right from the beginning, WhatsApp has threatened the future of traditional messaging and this new feature might give telecom operators sleepless nights because if the companies like Bookmyshow stop using normal text interaction and move to WhatsApp for confirmation and delivering information through the app, traditional messaging will almost vanish from the market. However, companies like Paytm are considering new features that might include messaging to put up more competition in the market.  
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Sep 1, 2017

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Learn About the All New New Privacy Basics Page in Facebook, And How To Secure Your Account

Facebook, the king of social apps and sites, has been trying hard to provide security and privacy to its dedicated users. Good news is that Facebook is launching a new interactive tool that functions as both a series of how-to guides and a checkup tool.

The new Privacy Basics page has now turned into an interactive manual where you can explore a variety of security and privacy settings. The section containing FAQ is very helpful and you can also access settings directly from the guide. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should definitely go to Privacy Checkup and make sure that all your settings are as per your need.

The Privacy Checkup helps you choose who can see your posts and info from your profile. It also shows you your settings for apps you’ve logged into with Facebook. You can use the Privacy Checkup to review and adjust your privacy settings to make sure that you’re sharing info with who you want.

How to set up Privacy Checkup

A. Go to Quick Help Tab, right next to the Notifications icon.
B. From the list of options, select Privacy Checkup
C. It will take you to a 3 step window to help make sure that you're sharing with the right people.

1. Whenever you post from News Feed or your Profile, you can choose an audience to control who sees it (Public, friends, me, etc.)
2. In this step, you will find the apps that you've used Facebook to log in to. You can edit who sees each one and delete any that you no longer want.
3. Have a look at the info (Email Address, phone number, etc) from your Profile and decide who to share it with.

Remember, your Profile may include more than what's mentioned here.It should be noted that Privacy Checkup isn't available to everyone right now. It is possible that you may not have access to Privacy Checkup on certain devices. You can still adjust all of the settings covered by Privacy Checkup by going to your privacy settings.

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Aug 26, 2017

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Satisfy All Your Queries Regarding Online Booking For Jio Mobile Phone

Online bookings for the much awaited Jio mobile phone have already begun in full swing,
and multiple users still have doubts regarding the online booking of Jio Mobile Phone.
So here we are, to help you figure out all crucial details of the online booking process.

What Are The Different Ways  To Book Jio Mobiles Online?

The mobile can be booked online in three different ways.

The first one includes booking through the official Jio.com site, the second is the Jio App, and the third option is the offline retailers of the brand.Whichever means you opt for, you will have to collect your phone through offline means. Also, 500 rupees need to be deposited as security while booking the phone, and the remaining 1000 rupees need to be paid at the time of collecting the device.

What Is The Process Of Online Booking And What Are The Documents Needed?

To book your Jio Phone you need a mobile number and the Pincode of the area where you want the phone to be delivered. After you have given these details, along with depositing the security amount, you will get a voucher, this voucher will contain your order number, using which you will have to collect your handset. It is through this voucher number that you will get to know when your order is ready for collection.You will be notified through an SMS notification, so keep an eye out for it.
This SMS notification will also have details of the center from where you need to collect the phone.

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Aug 16, 2017

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Government Has Directed Google and Facebook to Remove All Blue Whale Challenge Links

Leading to the popularity of a 50-day suicidal online game called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ amongst youngsters, the government has directed all the leading social media giants like Facebook and Google, to make amends to remove all links directing users to this dangerous Blue Whale Challenge. 

Recently a teenage boy in Mumbai named Manpreet Singh Sahani lost his life in the conquest of completing this challenge last month. There have been multiple instances around the world, including in Indian where children have tried committing suicide, in order to complete the game.

Concerning this issue, the government wants to ensure that any link that can potentially influence young minds should be eliminated from the internet. The Blue What Challenge originated in Russia, which demands its players to indulge in some self-destructive dangerous tasks for a total of 50 days. The game ends in demanding the player to film them committing suicide and sharing it online as a proof.

Reportedly, Manpreet was only 14 years old, and he shared that he is playing the game with his friends and planned on jumping from the building at the end of the game. But everyone saw the matter lightly as a joke. This challenge has taken the life of 130 young children around the world. Teenagers being a potentially vulnerable target are falling into the trap of this challenge, seeking a virtual freedom. They are getting an adrenaline boost by going against the rules and regulations of the real world.

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Aug 12, 2017

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Independence Day sale in India to offer heavy discounts on Honor 8, 7 and 5X

Get ready for a little mobile shopping people! The Huawei Company, Honor is offering some of its best models for sale on special discounts, which is applicable to all its online retail stores as a part of their Independence Day celebration Offer.

Honor is reportedly planning on launching an exclusive sale to celebrate the Independence Day in the country. This sale will last late till 15 August Midnight.

Honor 8, Holly 2+, Honor 5X, Honor 4X, and Honor 7 are included in this exclusive special celebration offer. You can hop on this deal and get Honor 8 for just Rs. 16,999, which has a market value of Rs. 29,999, so you will be getting over Rs 13,000 discount on this handset. Other handsets like Honor 7 and Honor 5X smart phones will be available for Rs 14,999 and Rs 10,999 respectively.  Some of its other models like Honor 5C will be available at Rs 8,999, Honor 4X at Rs 7,999 both at Rs 2000 discount. You can also grab Honor Holly 2+ at a discount of Rs 1,300 for the price of Rs.7, 699 only!   

Huawei’s Product Director, Allen Wang, expressed his excitement for his Independence Day offer. Note that all these models will be available on HiHonor India website. So, go ahead and login to avail these exciting deals. 
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