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How To Reset The Password Of Your Computer If You Get Locked Out.

One of the many problems we face often is forgetting crucial passwords. When you have a recovery email account handy, changing passwords is not a challenge. But what happens when you end up forgetting the password of not just an account but a system! Getting locked out of my own PC is one of my biggest fears. If you too are afraid that this might happen, and you won’t have a way out of this situation, then this article is for you.

If you are operating on a Windows machine, then you must have come across the warning ‘Go to account.live.com to reset password’. Today we will give you a step by step guide on changing the password of your Microsoft account and get access to your Windows machine. The first thing you will need for this is another system with a working internet connection.

1 Open the browser in another system that you have access to, and visit www.account.live.com.

2 When you visit the website, you will get a list of options asking you the reason for your inability to access your account. From these options, select ‘I Forgot my Password’ option. And click ‘Next’.

3 You will now get the ‘Recover your account’ Window, in this window, you need to enter the Microsoft account which you created for the PC you are unable to access. Or the account whose password you have forgotten.

4 After entering the email id, enter the code that is given below, and proceed to next step.

5 This is another step for verification, for which you will need a mobile number or another recovery id. This needs to be the one which you entered while creating your Microsoft account. In-case you do not have access to them, you can click on ‘I don’t have any of these ' options.

6 If you enter the email or mobile, you will be able to reset your password and access your account, if you selected the other option, you will have to fill up a detailed form, wait for a reply from Microsoft team, and then probably access your account.

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How to Access a Different PC from your own MAC or Windows PC.

It is common for one person to be making use of two separate computers, usually the one at home, and another at work. So what happens when you are at home, and urgently need to access a file on your work computer? Through this article, we will explain you the procedure of controlling a computer with another remote computer. There is no rocket science here, and it’s all the game of software. Here we will be making use of remote desktop software like Team Viewer. The software needs to be installed on both the computers, the host computer, i.e the one that you need to control. And the other computer, using which you will be controlling the host. Once the software is installed on both computers, all you need is internet access for both the systems.

Steps to control one computer using another

1 Download Teamviewer – The first step is to download TeamViewer in the system to which you want to have remote access.

2 Open the Downloaded File – After the download is complete, you need to open the downloaded file. If you have downloaded it on a MAC, the filename would be ‘TeamViewer.dmg’, whereas for Windows users the file name would be ‘TeamViewer_Setup’. 

3 Install TeamViewer – If you are a Windows user, click on ‘installation to access this computer remotely’ option. Then select the ‘Personal/Non – Commercial use’ option. Click on ‘Accept and Finish’.

If you are a MAC user, double click on the installer package, click on OK >Apple Menu >System Preferences >Security and Privacy >Open Anyway >Open.

4 Get the Computer ID – On the left of the TeamViewer Window, a ‘Your ID’ section will appear, below the ‘Allow Remote Control’ option, through this ID, you will be able to control the computer.

5 Create Custom Password – Click on the arrow next to your current password, select ‘Set Personal Password’, confirm password and click on ‘OK’.

These were the steps you needed to follow for the host computer, now we move to steps to be followed in the computer using which you wish to get remote access.

1 Download and Install –The first step will be to download and install the software this computer as well. You may also choose to download it to your mobile.

2 Enter the ID – The ID you obtained from the host computer need to be entered in the ‘Partner ID field’, below ‘Control Remote Computer’.

3 Check Remote Control – Select this option to get remote access to the host computer.

4 Connect to Partner – Select this option from the bottom of TeamViewer Window, and then proceed to enter the password.

5 Log On – Click on this option, for authentication, and now you will be able to access the first computer’s screen on this screen.

Apart from this software, there are several other software as well using which you can get remote access to another computer.
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Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is designed to allow users to watch and view videos. There are some videos you might want to save or download for watching offline. You can download the video in any format like 3GP, MP4, AVI and MOV. 3GP is best suited for small-screened mobile phones. There are plenty of ways to download YouTube videos for free on android, windows, Mac and iOS.

 Some of those methods are:-

A. For Android Download Videos With TubeMate

TubeMate is one of the easiest and most popular tools for downloading YouTube videos for free on Android smart phones. This app is not available on the play store so be cautious while downloading the app from the other sources. Make sure that you download the app from a verified source. After installing the TubeMate app open it. It looks like the YouTube app, with an extra frame around it. You can browse the video you want to download or you can paste the address of a video from your web browser.  A green download button will appear above the YouTube video. Click on it and a progress bar will appear showing “parsing video information”. Now you can choose the resolution and format of that video according to your device.

B. For iOS Or Mac Download YouTube Videos with Documents 5

Download the documents5 app. Click on share icon and copy the link of the video you want to download. Paste the link of the video on savefrom.net input box. Choose the quality and format and file will start to download. After finishing the download you can drag it over photos>camera roll.
 Mac users can download MacX YouTube Downloader for downloading YouTube videos for free.

C. Downloading YouTube Videos To A Windows PC 

There are plenty of apps for downloading YouTube videos to a windows PC. There are apps for downloading multiple videos simultaneously, choose the quality of the video according to your device. Tube Catcher is one of the best apps with all kinds of tools if you want a pixel-perfect performance.

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How To Get Your Phone To Provide The Best Possible Display?

Earlier phone screen was all about convenience over quality. But nowadays, phones are used as a primary screen for movies, for social videos and for everything. People who travel a lot are likely to watch a lot of videos, movies on their phone. So now while purchasing phones people look for a good phone screen.

Here Are Some Tips To Choose The Right Phone Display 

Screen size is a matter of preference. Larger displays are preferable if you watch a lot of videos, play games. Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge all are focusing on 5.5-inch + screen. LG G6 came up with a 5.7-inch screen, whereas Samsung Galaxy S8 came up with a 5.8-inch display. The most important thing to be considered is the display technology. IPS LCD and AMOLED are in a battle to prove their display technology superior to others. LCD is displayed on iPhone 7 and 7 plus, however, AMOLED having wider viewing angles and better power efficiency is soon going to dominate the Smartphone market.

How To Choose The Right Shape
Long ago 16:9 aspect ratios were universal among smart phones, but many Smartphone companies have already toted 18:9 and 18.5:9 screens. Having a small area of black around the edge of the video increases the human eye’s perception of contrast. Sloping edges may make the video look less punchy.

How To Choose Right Phone Resolution
You don’t need a 4k phone. HDR with better highlights, deeper contrast looks amazing on a phone. The display of the phone should be bright so that it would be easy to use it outdoors. AMOLED is better than LCD in this regard.

How To Watch A Film
It’s not always the pixels that matter resolution of the video also matters. If you are downloading videos from Amazon prime video apps or Netflix then you have to pay for the top quality videos.

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How To Add Pictures And Videos On Instagram Using Desktop

Instagram is a photo sharing app, but one key function that is missing from this app is that you can’t upload photos or videos to Instagram from your desktop. Editing pictures or videos using a PC then sending back the edited version to a mobile device for posting it via the Instagram app can be a bit of an inconvenience. There are few desktop tools and applications available that can help in connecting to Instagram account and uploading images and videos through the desktop.
Tools That Cab Be Used To Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram Using Desktop.

1 Gramblr 
Gramblr is one of the most popular desktop application tools that helps in uploading photos to Instagram. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac. All you need to do is sign into your account, upload photo, add a caption, and click on upload.

2 Bluestacks 
Bluestacks lets you run your mobile apps on your computer. Bluestacks lets you upload both photos and videos. To use Bluestacks you first need to download it and then install the Instagram app.

See: Download Instagram Photo in just one click

3 Latergramme 
Latergramme helps you schedule your post. Posting options are limited in Latergramme until you sign up for the premium package at $16 a month. It is suitable for businesses and brands that post regularly. To authorize scheduled posts you have to download the Latergramme mobile app. You will also have a desktop dashboard so you can upload and schedule your posts on Instagram.

4 ScheduGram
ScheduGram’s main feature is scheduling posts like Latergramme in addition to other Instagram features. This tool is suitable for businesses that need to manage lots of content and followers. You can upload and schedule both videos and photos through the web. You can use a free trial of 7-days, after which you have to pay depending on your followers.

5 Dropbox
With the help of Dropbox, you can easily upload your videos or photos from your computer to your phone. Dropbox is not a tool, it’s a service. Dropbox is an easy option in comparison of the options mentioned above. All you need to do is save the file to it from your computer and you can access it on your mobile device shortly after uploading it.

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First under Display Fingerprint Technology Launched By Vivo

Chinese Smartphone Company VIVO on 28th June launched the first under display fingerprint technology of the industry. This Chinese Smartphone maker is planning to take on tech giants like Samsung and Apple with their new launch.  The need of a physical button to unlock device will strike out by new under display fingerprint technology.
image source- vivo.co.in 

What Is Under Display Fingerprint Technology 
This sensor can be placed under the glass (0.8mm), an OLED screen (1.2mm) and an aluminum cover (0.525mm), which will make it invisible but fully functional. To unlock the device a precise image of a user’s fingerprint is captured by ultrasonic waves emitted by the sensors. The ultrasonic technology is used by vivo in its sensor so that ultrasonic waves can be emitted. This technology omits the limitation of unlocking devices with wet hands it is helpful in taking underwater photos or videos.
The fact that makes this technology superior is that the Sensor can be placed anywhere on the display. 

DSP Benefits

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has also been launched by the company. It will solve the problem of backlighting and night-time photography. It will help to take pictures in high quality; it will adjust the brightness of the image with the actual scenery. While shooting under complicated lighting conditions users would be able to take multiple RAW pictures. DSP chip will automatically compose a single RAW picture out of those multiple RAW pictures and would be exported to a JPEG format. 

Audio Quality Improvement 

High-Fidelity audio solution with DAC chip is also unveiled by VIVO, it improves the audio quality and provides with high-quality music. Vivo has twice the output amplitude as ordinary phones. To improve audio experience and power efficiency new processing technology has been utilized by the headphone amplifier. The conference themed ‘the human element’ was held at Shanghai new international expo from 28 July to July 1, and proved to be a great success for the company, indicating a promising future for VIVO mobiles.

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How to Enable Windows 10 God Mode?

Windows Master Control Panel Shortcut is known as "God Mode" is a feature that gives all the control to the windows. Settings are split between the control panel and setting app in Windows 10, so if you are tired of switching between the settings menu and the control panel for searching your lost settings, then enable god mode to access all control and settings at one place. With the help of God mode feature, you can get access to all the operating system's control panels from a single folder. It is super convenient for IT users to have access to all the features with one folder.

Enabling God mode is quite simple, to enable god mode in Windows 10:-
1) Check whether your account has administrative privileges.
2) Choose new > folder by right clicking on Windows 10 desktop.
3) Name the folder as: GODMODE {insert characters to your liking} and hit enter/return.

The folder icon will change to a control panel icon. You can see your universal settings panel by double clicking on the new icon. For quick access, in the future, you can also drag and drop any command from your god mode folder to your desktop. Now, when you will open that folder, different settings will be there including your administrative tools, indexing, printers, devices, backup tools and other important settings. The existence of some variations depends on the availability of a home or pro versions and different hardware on your system.

God mode is not that exciting but if you are a serious user it will be super convenient for you to have all these shortcuts at one place. It also works for other windows version. God mode exposes 262 functions and tools for Windows 10. God mode also works great for Windows 8.1 and gives access to 272 functions.

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